Preview – Owning the Diversity Agenda

Posted on: Friday 10 June 2016 11:20am

P5270104Reem Nouss is the CMC Exec. on the “Make Something Happen” workshop – which will use the Open Space method to allow delegates to bring their own agenda to discussing diversity – and making something happen.  Reem is a former member of the CMC Advisory Committee and now works as an Executive Producer and Consultant both in the UK and the Middle East.

Like so many others reading this, I’ve long cared about the diversity of the world we live in being reflected well in the content we consume and create. Despite the genuine and concerted efforts of many, it’s still not easy. Not least because as the world becomes more diverse, our interpretation of the word becomes more nuanced, more inclusive, more… well, diverse.

The way we explore a diverse world with a young audience is ever more important and carries with it ever more responsibility. No bad thing, then, that this theme is at the heart of this year’s CMC.

I’ve been taking the train to Sheffield for many summers now and the ambition for the conference gets higher and the aspiration to make a difference gets stronger.

Open Space TechnologySo I am really looking forward to joining Stella Duffy as she facilitates an Open Space workshop on diversity. Stella is clear – she facilitates but we set the agenda and drive the discussion. Because we all do better when we are driven by our passions.

Last year, Stella joined the conference as a Changemaker and talked about the Open Space approach which such conviction that conference invited her back to share it with us. We can now experience this pioneering format first hand and use it to move the diversity discussion forward in the ways we think pertinent.

So if you care about diversity, inclusion and representation in the kids’ media sector and want to help shape the discussion, do sign up for this Tuesday workshop.

Your thoughts might be around racial or gender stereotyping or your passion might be around building a more diverse workforce. We’ll be able to explore how we represent disability, difference and diversity in kids’ content. Who gets left out? How do we deal with the ‘difficult’ questions that kids may want to consider but which concern parents and regulators? What does it mean for creative teams and the content they make?

Whatever you want to share with the session, especially if it usually gets left off the agenda, bring it along. It’s a real opportunity to challenge our perceptions and refresh the conversation.

Full workshop details here.

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