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Posted on: Wednesday 08 June 2016 9:30am by Eric Huang

Eric cricleEric Huang has been a speaker in several past conferences and this year is producing the Session ‘Innovation in Education‘.

This is his response to the frequently asked question “What has the CMC Ever Done for me?”

The Children’s Media Conference is one of my favourite conferences in the world. Through the years I’ve met so many people who became business partners, employers, and friends.

My first time was in 2009 when I was one of the children’s publishers at Penguin. I looked after a licensed publishing list: books behind media brands, generally from big studios like Disney, The BBC, etc. The CMC was a nice alternative to the giant licensing shows. It was – and is! – full of creators who had a glimmer of an idea, some of which would later become big franchises via these big studios. It was critical for my role at Penguin – and for Penguin’s growing TV production and outbound licensing business – to meet these creators and potential authors early.

Now as a director at Made in Me, the CMC has been the place to spot trends, pick up clients, and meet potential collaborators. For me, just showing up and showing your face is a great calling card and reminder of what our company does. Such a cross section of the wider media world attends, everyone from book publishers to studio executives to museum professionals and educators – not to mention the illustrators, animators, writers, makers, developers, designers, et al.

And whilst the same might be said about other conferences around the world, the CMC’s location makes the work more effortless. Kidscreen, Licensing Expo, Frankfurt Book Fair: all are great fun and take place in metropolises into which delegates disappear once the day’s events are over. At the CMC in Sheffield, you are bound to run into everyone at the handful of adjacent venues – and at the pizza and dance parties, of course.Remember, though, what happens in Sheffield doesn’t necessarily stay in Sheffield …

Eric dancing (1)

Eric’s right…

….as evidenced by this snap of the on-stage “chorus line” at the CMC 10th Anniversary Party.

Watch out for more moves at the CMC  Party at the Plug on Wednesdy 6 July!

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