Taking the Plunge at CMC

Posted on: Wednesday 27 April 2016 5:20pm

cca_people_adam_baileyIn the first of  our series ‘What has the CMC Ever Done for me?” Adam Bailey, Head of Animation Development at Cloth Cat Animation in Cardiff, explains how coming to CMC meant taking the plunge, in more ways than one…

What has the CMC ever done for me? Apart from being an ideal platform to kickstart a career in a challenging and ever adapting industry, the CMC is a must attend event for anyone working in animation in the UK. In my opinion.

I first attended not knowing very much about the industry, having very few contacts but a passion for production and wanting to throw myself in at the deep end. As an animator working in commercials at the time, I saw it as an ideal opportunity to speak with Producers, network, maybe even get some work but mainly to be involved, have impromptu conversations, meet lovely people and make new contacts. That is exactly what happened. I met with Producers, Directors, Writers, Actors, Publishers, Commissioners, nearly all of which I am still in frequent contact with today.

The next year I opted to join a Co-Pro workshop – pitching my own idea to commissioners and that’s when I realised exactly where my future lay. I received so much honest advice, constructive feedback and opportunities that I often refer to that as a key moment in my career. It was a particularly good CMC that year as with the help of an accidentally well aimed glass of tequila, I also met my future wife!

Seven CMC’s later and I am returning as a session Producer for the first time, contributing to what makes the CMC so special and unmissable. The current state of the industry, what the immediate future holds, trends and challenges, talks by inspiring guest speakers and quite possibly the most crowded balcony networking drinks in children’s media!

What the CMC has done for me is open doors, it’s given me opportunities, started conversations, it’s an event that year on year grows and adapts with the industry to expand its content and outreach to encompass the ever diversifying animation industry. It’s a fun, friendly and occasionally frantic three days I couldn’t recommend highly enough. I’ll see you there in July.

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