Will you BCre8ive?

Posted on: Friday 22 January 2016 2:43am

Phil ParkerPhil Parker has produced sessions on kids and family film at CMC for the last two years He campaigns for better funding for kids’ content.

He also runs BCre8ive – a virtual development workshop. Here he tells CMC how that works.

Submissions are open for the next BCre8ive Lab:
Deadline to apply: 4 April 2016

What is the BCre8ive Lab?

You apply with your project – it could be a TV series, film, a game, a graphic novel/e-book, a web series – and then you work with a company mentor to help create a commercially viable project.

Who are the mentors?

Companies like Factory, Mudlark and Shed are already waiting to see projects. More companies will be announced in the coming weeks.

BCre8ive is focussed on developing great work. We believe this is best achieved by collaboration and seeking advice from experienced people. The BCre8ive mentoring team includes writers, directors, animators, games developers and others, many with over 20 years experience who are willing to help you develop a great project.

BeCre8tiveWhere/ when is the Lab?

The Lab happens online. Your company will work with you for three months.

What does it cost?

Using the site is free. Once you are selected by a company mentor, the BCre8ive Lab is free. The only part you pay for is the Mentoring – a quality control check for the companies. So you could enter the Lab for as little as £35! Several have.

How can it be so cheap?

BCre8ive takes a 10% share in the IP (Intellectual Property Rights) of all work which goes through the Lab. If you succeed BCre8ive are paid; if you do not, then BCre8ive see nothing!

Where can I learn more?


How do I register?

Go to https://www.bcre8ive.eu/register – fill in the registration page, and after confirming your email address you will have your own secure Home Page on the site. Then you can start uploading material or submit to the talent pool, and select a mentor to work with.

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