Manimation ’15 Report – Made in Manchester

Posted on: Thursday 19 November 2015 3:37pm by Tom Jordan

Speaker: Jonathan Ashworth (Mighty Giant)


Motion North, the collective gathering for designers, animators, filmmakers and vfx artists presented the ‘Manimation Showreel’ – the very best of Manchester animation and motion design.

Motion North: The Best Bits from Mighty Giant on Vimeo.


Jonny Ashworth introduced Motion North, a collective which started six years ago as an extension of a conversation in a pub, and now puts together regular showcase reels of the diverse range of quality animation from Manchester and the wider northern region.

The ever-expanding group meets every couple of months, and often has guest speakers from key companies based in London and beyond. The talks have a dual purpose: one is to provide motivation and inspiration to members; the other is to show and champion the quality output from the collective.

Delegates had the chance to view the six-minute showreel, a fast-paced montage featuring a broad range of styles and content.

For more information on animators featured in the showreel, see, or tweet @motionnorth.

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