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Posted on: Tuesday 13 October 2015 4:43pm

On October 3, just before the rain hit Cannes, CMC joined London Book Fair and Walker Books at the Martinez Hotel to promote the return of the CMC Rights Exchange to next April’s LBF.

CQZ0VMIWUAAZVYwBaroness Floella Benjamin joined producers, publishers and broadcasters from the UK and around the world in a packed reception which gave the TV community news of the Book Fair as a venue full of opportunities to partner with the publishing world and bring new kids’ IPs to the screen.

The CMC Rights Exchange will take place on 14 April 2016 during the London Book Fair and will be a unique mix of market meetings (using the CMC’s tried and tested Meeting Mojo profiling and booking system) and great conference content which explores how new relationships are building between publishers and producers to transfer literary content from book and e-book platforms to TV and VoD.

Rights Exchange 2015 saw over 150 meetings arranged and the reaction of participants was hugely enthusiastic.

I liked the online diary system and the ability to have very quick intro meetings to organisations that if approached on one’s own would take a lot more organising and time to arrange.
CMC Rights Exchange 2015 delegate

The opportunity to meet book agents and publishers in a speed-dating session, but then followed up by second date at next CMC event – very useful indeed. Good to do it all in one afternoon rather than traipse round London offices.
CMC Rights Exchange 2015 delegate

Jacks Thomas, Director of the London Book Fair spoke at the MipJunior event about the new connections bringing the world of children’s books and TV closer.

We’ve found the most successful publishers in this rights market are the ones with the best digital infrastructure and understanding, and these can be either big players or start-ups. It’s exhilarating to see publishers leading the way in new business models including new ways of bundling rights and managing brands’ IP. This flexibility and their willingness to experiment with new rights deals are core to successful deals in the increasingly multi-media, multi-format world and where books are an important part of the vertical chain.

Greg Childs, Editorial Director for CMC stressed that the kids’ media business needs new forums to make new forms of business and creative partnerships, and that was what the CMC Rights Exchange offered.


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