First Step on the Ladder at Nutmeg

Posted on: Friday 31 July 2015 4:45pm

CMC Volunteers (this year in the pink t-shirts) come from a dozen universities and colleges across the country.  They are willing, enthusiastic, interested, and above all keen to get that first opportunity.  

If you have starter work, internships or work experience opportunities that could be of interest to our wide group of student volunteers – let Greg Childs know:  

We can post leads and messages in the CMC Volunteers Facebook Group (or you can). You’ll get a great respsone from people who’ve “served their time” in children’s media already as one of our hard-working volunteers.

Here’s one person’s success story from this year’s CMC… explained by Olu Alemoru.

As a first time delegate to this year’s Children’s Media Conference I got what I bargained for – three days of excellent networking to help push that creative project forward.

But an even nicer surprise was bagging the services of one of the excellent team of CMC 2015 volunteers who answered a last-minute call to artistic arms. 

I am a co-principal director of Nutmeg Animations UK Ltd (along with my sister Comfort Alemoru) developing “Nutmeg,” a would-be animated series imagining the first female to play in men’s football.

With the conference under way we booked space in ‘Shekicks’ – the leading digital and print portal for women’s football in the UK – to produce a double-page comic strip to feature in the August magazine.

Even with a draft script and storyboard, ‘Nutmeg’ illustrator Clive Taylor and I would have had our work cut out to make a very tight deadline. Enter Luton-based artist/illustrator Curtis Headley, whom I exchanged pleasantries with at the CMC speed meeting with publishers.


Curtis Headley at work

Drafted into Team Nutmeg as a colorist he did a brilliant job, as ‘Shekicks’ fans will see in a couple of weeks. The feeling was mutual. “Thanks for allowing me to be part of this experience, as it was a lot of fun and was challenging and exciting at the same time,” Curtis wrote.

Check out Curtis’s work  and the info on  Nutmeg is here.

Olu Alemoru.

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