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Posted on: Tuesday 14 July 2015 1:34am by Mole Hill

Co-director of ‘The Clangers,’ Mole Hill, on taking names at the CMC…

Names.  It’s the names again.  I’m sitting at Stockport station, platform 0, waiting for the connecting train to Sheffield and slowly realizing that I’ve forgotten the names of every professional contact I’ve ever made.  I can picture their faces, but their names and job titles are completely gone.  This always happens when I go to a conference.  I used to get away with it but, now that my eyesight has all the clarity of a bat in a pea-souper, the tactic of glancing casually at a badge on a lanyard is no longer open.  I’d have to put my specs on, lean forward and stare.

Mole Hill

Mole Hill

So I’m mightily relieved when the first person I spot outside the Showroom Cinema is Sam.  I’ve recognized someone, and he has a name.  No surname of course, but let’s not get greedy.  He also has the look of a man who hasn’t slept for three days.  I’ve arrived on the Friday – day-tripping to the conference to talk about bringing back The Clangers – but Sam’s been there since Tuesday.  It’s a great shoulder-raising confidence-boost to realize that everyone I’m going to meet in the next few hours is completely knackered.

From then on I’m fine: some people have names, some don’t – I even do a few shameless stares – but essentially we’re all in the same business and all have plenty to talk about.  Looking through the conference schedule I start kicking myself for not coming for longer, it all looks interesting or useful or both.  There is also a very, very handy looking book full of delegates names.

Before I know it I’m sitting on a stage with the exec producer of Thunderbirds are Go and the head writer of Dangermouse.  They are confident, articulate, amusing and informative.  For my part I talk too fast, wander off mic and forget which clips we’re showing – but at least I have Clanger-related words coming out so I think it’s ok.  And when we’re all finished and heading away from the stage, a lady in a CMC tee-shirt gives me a big hug and says ‘I love The Clangers!’ so it’s more than OK, it’s positively lovely.

So I’m feeling rather chipper as I pick up my bag, vowing to come for the full duration next year, and absent-mindedly neglecting to pick up my copy of the book with delegates names…

Read more about Mole’s contribution to the Plus Ça Change session from this year’s blog.

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