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Posted on: Friday 03 July 2015 11:05pm by Hannah Lee


  • The values of these shows are still very much relevant to today’s audiences
  • The directors have kept the shows as true to original form as possible, whilst making modernising updates along the way


Changemaker Guilherme Coelho is an app publisher based in Brazil. On an interesting sidenote, his name translates literally as William Rabbit.

Guilherme’s company, called 01 digital, are the top grossing company on the app store since 2010, and have more than 50 apps published already. He says that 24% of apps are used just once which explains the challenge of encouraging people to continue interacting again and again, pointing out that you can’t just put up an app and become rich and famous instantly. After having the pleasure of talking to Guilherme one evening during the conference, it is clear that he is incredibly passionate about his business and is keen to see the rise of app clubs in the UK and worldwide. App clubs work on a subscription basis that is similar to Netflix – but for apps.

Now for the main content of the session. As the session title translates, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’ In context, this means bringing back brand new series of old shows such as the Clangers, Thunderbirds Are Go and Dangermouse. They are back!

Giles Ridge (Thunderbirds), Mole Hill (Clangers), Ben Ward (Dangermouse) complete the panel.

The main question posed to the three panellists was quite simply, ‘Why… again?’ Here are their thoughts…

Giles: If someone came to pitch Thunderbirds again I would get pretty excited about that. The values that underpin the show are just as relevant today as they were then – if not more so. It’s a show about saving people and selflessness. The new series has to be faster paced but we wanted to keep the effective layering of the script. There are three different types of disasters that can occur within the series, and help to keep it relevant: natural causes, technology malfunctioning and villainy. We decided it was incredibly important to keep many of the links with the old series, including the music and the iconic ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1’ countdown.

Mole: The opportunity to make more Clangers stories is a gift. There are plenty more magical stories to come from the family centred series. I personally agreed to direct it as I wanted to protect it. Yes, it has been updated along the way, but we have kept the same approach and values. We are thinking about it as Clangers series 3, meaning we just carried on what the first two series started. We’ve kept it as true to the original as we possibly could; the knitted characters and the paddle footed waddle remain.

Ben: Why wouldn’t you want to do more Dangermouse? I try to write the show that I remember, not the show that happened. I loved the relationship between the characters and the moments but the stories didn’t hold together as much as they do nowadays because priorities were different then. We’re all massive fans of the original, so we tried to create something that sits alongside it.

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