Launch of Children’s Media Network Scotland – Report

Posted on: Friday 03 July 2015 11:56am



  • A new network bringing together people who work in children’s media in Scotland



This launch spells the start of a really exciting chapter in the history of Scottish children’s media.

The Children’s Media Network Scotland will bring together children’s media professionals in a way that has never been tried before.

Their website promises networking opportunities and aims to bring together media professionals in Scotland who otherwise would never have met.

Sitting down at my table, I was greeted by a selection of Scottish teacakes. I realised then that this launch was going to evoke a real sense of Scottish pride.

The launch started with an introduction from Joanne Carmichael, one of the three founding members of the network.

She said: “the network came about when I met my two fellow founding members through LinkedIn. We realised that we all lived really close to each other and yet we had never met before. I didn’t even know they existed.

“We realised then that there is a real need for something to bring people together who already work or want to work in children’s media in Scotland. The network is very much an organic thing; we firmly believe in growing it gradually, and informally at first.

Our first members meeting will be on 3rd September at the oldest pub in Glasgow. It’s about meeting people face to face and encouraging people to support others and impart information.”

Joanne presented a show reel of Scottish children’s media which evoked a sense of pride among Scottish delegates and all other delegates alike. Exploding on to the screen were the likes of children’s favourites Katie Morag and Dennis the Menace.

While I was there I met Lindy Cameron from Move on Up productions. The company is based in the highlands; something which Lindy says draws her to the network all the more.

She said: “My company is based in the highlands which means it can be difficult to meet as many people working in children’s media as I perhaps could. This network will be a really great thing that unites us in Scotland; I will be able to meet with like-minded people.”

When I asked her if the network represented a pride in Scottish children’s media, she replied: “aye, a wee bit.”

To find out more about the Children’s Media Network Scotland, visit:

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