Wednesday Workshop: Make It With YouTube – Report

Posted on: Thursday 02 July 2015 7:22am by Tracy Warren

There is no doubt that attendees of todays 4 hour session will be heading back to their hotels to strategise a YouTube campaign or work on improving their existing one.

Hosted by Cedric Petitpas and Kate Rushworth from YouTube Kids & Learning EMEA, attendees were grouped together and challenged with experiments that demonstrated the essentials of a successful YouTube campaign.


  • When you upload content, make sure you have good metadata. Word placement does matter, so highlight the most important words first.
  • Strengthen your digital strategy by knowing your audience and where they come from.
  • Be confident in using analytics to reinforce your digital strategy.
  • Educate yourself at the YouTube Creator Academy.
  • Impressive statistics show YouTube as the second largest search engine and the first choice for kids (11-14).   With these figures, it provides open real estate to create a new brand and also extend existing brands. A platform allowing you to own your audience, build subscribers, promote and test out new productions.  An opportunity to prioritise international exposure and push through physical boundaries. As a free 24 hour channel, it is a great way to expose your IP.

Let creativity express itself freely, encourage interactivity, an opportunity for new storytelling. It is an opportunity to partner with others online to create a community that serves your audience.

The YouTube partner programme offers support and ongoing education, certification and if you are in London you can make use of their post production facilities.

Getting down to the nuts and bolts, optimizing for search and engagement is key when uploading content.  Think about your audience, have a strong title, ensure thumbnails are high contrast, invite action and market your programme.

The content description should include no more than 3 lines of text, experience-enhancing links, credits, lyrics and channel description. Utilise cards and annotations to link and engage them further.

Get the viewer to act and extend the watch session by taking them on a journey with you. Invite them to subscribe with a call to action. Run clips during credits, use music to engage and bring it to life and drive them to additional content.

Finally, utilise your analytics tool to measure your success.  You need to constantly review how your channel is going by slicing and dicing your data. Find out what people are watching by monitoring the viewer patterns of your Top 5 videos. Collaborate, shout out, create links and partnerships. Find out where your audience came from by using the Cool Tool Spotlight. Find out if the viewers liked your video, how long did they stick around for and if they dropped off, why? If you have annotations or cards, are the viewers using them? All of these questions can help inform the editorial strategy.

We were very lucky to have a visit from Robin Gladman, Senior digital Content and Partner Manager at Aardman who talked about their first creation of a YouTube phenomena with Morph, the classic 70’s/80’s tv show. They raised the money through Crowd funding and launched a kickstarter campaign in 2013 with 50 x 1 minute shorts.

YouTube was the first platform to bring Morph back. It was a direct way to keep their promise to funders and contributors and launch the episodes for free around the world.
The production hasn’t changed and you can see the old Morph on a Monday and the new episodes on a Friday. It was noted that keeping to a schedule is important.

For those in the UK, be sure to keep an eye out for the newly launched YouTube kids app. Available now in the US, they are working on an international roll-out. It will be interactive, have a simple interface with large icons for easy navigation, parental control restrictions and timers.

As Thomas the Tank Engine leaves the islands of Sodor to explore the world of YouTube, the next chapter should be an exciting one for the YouTube team as they work to support users and creators worldwide.  Make sure you check out the Creator Academy and become an expert in this amazing platform!

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