Interview with Linda Simensky

Posted on: Thursday 02 July 2015 10:05pm

In a brief interview with Linda Simensky, VP of Children’s Programming for PBS, she shared some personal insights about her first-time experience at the CMC and why she is here.

What inspired you to come to the CMC?

Linda Simensky

Linda Simensky”

“I was in the UK in March for a session on tax credits, which looked at how much the children’s media industry has grown in the UK. I was impressed by how interesting the conversation was. On top of that, someone mentioned to me that out of all the kids’ events to attend worldwide, this was the one to go to. This event was a good excuse for me to come back. It allows me to meet more people from different parts of the industry.”

What were your impressions of the first day’s proceedings?

“It has been great so far. I was a little surprised, honestly, at how much I enjoyed the pitching session. It was so nice to have a low pressure opportunity to meet a lot of people in an incredibly friendly setting. People here have a lot of great ideas and thoughts. It is inspiring to talk to people and hear what people are thinking about.”

What do you hope to get out of the conference? Why are you here?

“I guess there are two things really: 1.) To meet more people. 2.) The panels are quite provocative and leave me with a lot to think about. Those two things made the CMC very appealing to me.”

What else are you looking forward to seeing and why?

“Well, I have never been to this part of the UK before, so that’s an adventure in and of itself… Aside from that, I meet a lot of people who sell shows. My industry interactions are often with those people. I am excited to meet more people who make the shows! This has given me a chance to hang out with people other than the international representatives (although, I do love them very much).”

Is there anything that you would like the conference attendees to know about PBS Kids?

“Our newest show, Odd Squad, is running on CBBC, which is exciting for me because we haven’t shared very many shows recently. I really feel validated because of that. Plus, I think that means Sarah Muller likes me!”

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