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Posted on: Thursday 02 July 2015 7:31am by Jelena Stosic

Karl Woolley 2015I quote Karl Wooley when I say that, for CMC newborns, this is meant to be a “gentle slap on the a** to get the oxygen flowing”. Have no fear – this is only metaphorical. This is a Reception to help First Timers make the most out of the CMC.


The most important take away is: do talk. This is a friendly conference, so speak up, ask questions, raise issues. Get out there and meet people!


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First Timers Reception

Conference veterans offered us an initiation of sorts. This involved a selection of do’s and don’ts, readying us all for the experience that the CMC is.

Here is some of what we learned:

  • Do get to know people – but do not pitch to everyone.
  • It is not a market, so it’s probably best not to go in too heavy with pitches. We also learned a great general rule, which is, do not pitch to people whilst they are in the toilet. You heard it here first.
  • Use the app. It’s a great way to scan through sessions effectively, absorb all the possibilities and find what interests you.
  • Drink and make merry but don’t forget: this is not Vegas. What happens in Sheffield will not stay in Sheffield. We may even write about it on this blog if it’s exciting!
  • If there’s something you really don’t want to miss, get there early. Some sessions can get quite busy.
  • First Timers 2015Do go to Keynotes. Not only do they set the tone of the Conference, but also – and importantly for first timers – they give you great talking points. “What did you think about the keynote?” usually sparks a discussion.
  • Observe the crowd etiquette. If you are speaking to somebody, do give them your attention, rather than trying to scan the room behind their back, looking for somebody more important you can go and speak with instead.
  • Always wear a condom.
    (I’ll let you interpret this one by yourselves.)

The tips were great, fun and practical and the sessions speakers made us feel welcome and helped break the ice. At the end, we all made our way into the Opening Keynote, ready to put the guidelines to the test.

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