International Exchange – Report

Posted on: Wednesday 01 July 2015 11:22pm

For those who have never attended a CMC International Exchange, Animation Producer and Consultant, Helen Brunsdon, gives an inside look at how it all happens.

On entering The Millenium Gallery there was a buzz throughout the building. Helen described it as “a pleasant sort of chit-chat in an air conditioned space, which helps.” This all-day series of pitch and get-to-know you meetings session sets up “sellers” at 60 tables in the vast Gallery space, and has “buyers and funders” travelling from table to table for the pre-arranged meetings.  The online booking system, Meeting Mojo, get them all to set up profiles and then there’s clear understanding of priorities on both sides when meeting requests go in.

Helen Brunsdon

Helen Brunsdon

An astonishing 1,287 meetings were scheduled using the Mojo system, allowing morning-people, afternoon-people, or all-day-people to conduct their business. Every fifteen minutes a bell was rung and the buyers, who were kids’ commissioners and acquisitions executives, from Europe and the USA, co-producers and platform providers from Australia, South America, China and India, switched to a new meeting

Helen explained that, “People with different experiences, backgrounds, and types of property come to the Exchange. We’ve got some veterans of animation (some with over 30 years of experience) sitting alongside new start-ups…”  It soon came clear that there were meaningful conversations to be had and deals to be made.

Have we sold you on registering for next year? Helen remarked that, “All the funders I have spoken to have said that the meetings were of high quality and value. Many of them saw projects and properties which they are planning to follow up.” Next year, it could be you…

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