Are You Licensed to Thrill?

Posted on: Wednesday 01 July 2015 5:03pm

Licensed to Thrill, Thursday, 2 July 2015, 12.45-13.45 @ Cinema 2

Over the last twenty-five years licensing has moved from being the ‘black sheep’ of the media family to being the ‘great white hope’ of cash-strapped production companies. The budgets for children’s TV, in particular, have been slashed and slashed again. Ofcom regulations have further restricted access for broadcasters to traditional revenue streams, further reducing desire to invest in original content.



Meanwhile, huge licensing successes like Moshi Monsters or Angry Birds, from non-traditional media, and also Ben 10, Sean the Sheep or Minions, from very traditional media, have more than ever made broadcasters aware of the power of licensing, and driven a desire to participate in these revenues.  So today TV, film, and the diverse world of digital media have embraced licensing and welcomed it, albeit late in the day, into their thinking and planning. However, do we all speak the same language?

Do independents really understand how to make licensing work for them, including the environment necessary for licensing success?  When, and how, can licensing programmes be planned, created and executed? How does this timeline meld with production, distribution and broadcast timelines? Along the way, licensing can alter the whole dynamic of production and distribution, with commissioning and co-production sometimes dependent on licensing rights being transferred or shared with broadcasters who have a licensing arm.

Opportunities are abundant, dilemmas diverse, challenges multiple. This panel will share their knowledge of licensing in the UK and Europe today and provide a window to attendees on the whole licensing business, what licensors and licensees look for in a new property, how to manage the licensing element when creating an IP, and how, in practical terms, a TV show is brought from screen to consumer goods to retail, producing consumer sales.

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