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Posted on: Tuesday 23 June 2015 12:16pm by Hugh Lawton

valuedThere are Speed Meeting sessions after the commissioning and expert panels at CMC. They are listed in the conference schedule.  Just turn up to the Workstation and book-in to meet the executives of your choice.  It’s a first come, first served system, with no pre-booking available.

CBBC’s Executive Producer, Independents, Hugh Lawton is hungry for your brilliant ideas at CMC speed meetings…

So it’s Friday at CMC and you’ve just been to see Alice, Kay, Cheryl and Claire at the Changing Channels session (11-12.30 Showroom Cinema 4) which was both stimulating and insightful but also slightly eased that nagging hangover from the CMC Party*.

Hugh Lawton

Hugh Lawton

Now your mind is whirring with thoughts about what content the UK’s two top children’s channels need to complement their already strong slates on TV and digital. You also have an idea or two – or three even – that have been burning up your superior temporal gyrus for months now but it’s just been difficult to find the time and the space to think about them, yet alone the right person to approach.

Well the CMC have come up with a neat solution for you. In just less than half an hour’s time (depending when you’re reading this) the Workstation Mezzanine will be home to all the CBBC & CBeebies commissioning type people you’d ever want from drama, digital, factual, entertainment and comedy. You can check in there and arrange a valuable Speed Meeting Session with one or more of them and tell them what’s on your mind simply by turning up, collaring one of the lovely people in a CMC branded T-shirt and getting your name on a list. It doesn’t matter if your idea is fully formed even – sure if there’s an all-singing website, sizzle reel and style guide then bonus but if it’s a couple of pages and some sketches then that’s fine too. As long as the idea rocks and you believe in it.

So if you think you might have the next Wolfblood, Twirlywoos, Operation Ouch, Millie Inbetween, Dixi, Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch or the next big, digital thing on your hands then these guys are hungry to talk to you. And speaking of which ….. you’re about to digest your own stomach after all those sessions so you’re going to have to choose whether to eat on the way or just let the hunger pangs spur you on till 2pm. Attending the Speed Meetings is definitely a no–brainer but whether to neck a cheese and pickle sandwich is one decision that we’ll have to leave to you.

*Drink responsibly kids. You never know who’s moshing behind you.

Here’s the BBC Commissioning Executives Speeed Meeting session

And of course “other speed meetings are also available…”
Commercial Network
Licensing Experts
Celtic Commissioners
Finance Experts

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