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Posted on: Wednesday 17 June 2015 2:41pm

Send your questions about the future of children’s media for the CMC Question Time session “Game Change” (09:30 – 10:30 Thursday 2 July) to  

Session producer and Children’s Media Foundation Board member, Jayne Kirkham, explains all…

If I were to tell you why I attend the CMC, I’d probably say that it always feels like a shot in the arm or, as my gran would say, ‘a dose of salts’; my granddad would call it ‘a good mulching’. You could choose your own analogy but I think the CMC does all three of these things: it builds you up, flushes you out and makes you bloom, creatively speaking.

Jayne Kirkham

Jayne Kirkham

Not just on a personal level but across the whole of our industry.  Which is why, on behalf of the Children’s Media Foundation, I am so pleased to be producing this year’s opening session.  I know industries are always changing or evolving but this year, with a new majority government, a new Ofcom PSB review, perhaps a new BBC charter (will they just renew the old one?) plus the impact of the ‘new players’ (OTT, VOD, social media), it seems that the changes we face could be bigger and more permanent than ever.  With changes in the delivery and meaning of education, and issues such as personal security online and the duty of care for platform providers, it looks like the whole children’s media landscape could be knocked down, flushed away and left in a blooming awful state.

Which is why we are bringing together senior figures from Politics and Media to discuss these changes:

But, like you, the CMF doesn’t want to hear speeches and pontification but serious answers to serious questions. Which is why we are using the ‘Any Questions’ format: “Topical debate in which guests from the worlds of politics and the media answer questions posed by members of the… CMC audience.”

No I haven’t gone as far as getting a Dimbleby.  But I have got you a Steve Hewlett.  Actually I have got you the Steve Hewlett, specialist media journalist and broadcaster.  I’m not sure he will appreciate being likened to a shot in the arm, dose of salts or a good mulch but he does bring the expertise, skill and wisdom that you might find in a top surgeon, an old-fashioned matron or the head gardener at Kew when it comes to asking questions about the media.

Which is why I need to know your concerns regarding the media landscape and the future.  If you would like Steve to ask a question on your behalf, please email me care of with your name (if you prefer to remain anonymous that’s fine) and of course your question before Monday 29th June.  That would be blooming marvelous.

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