Manimation 2014 – Marfa Kickstarter Project

Posted on: Monday 24 November 2014 11:10am

Manimation Fusion – 20 November 2014 – The Morecambe and Wise Room, BBC Bridge House, Media City Salford. 

IMG_2285A day of exploration of every aspect of the current animation scene with a special emphasis on Manchester and the North West.

Marfa Kickstarter Project

The ever inspirational Greg McLeod, joined Manimation by webcam to share his adventures in crowdfunding.

The journey began with ‘365’, Greg’s film made with one second of animation per day over one year.  Greg showed the film in full.  The trailer can be seen here.

This film went to the Marfa Film Festival. It was the first time that Greg has been to the USA, but Marfa is the kind of place that Greg dreamed about as a child, a place of cowboys and spaghetti westerns.  It seemed like a good idea to document this – in animation. ‘Marfa An Animated Travelogue’ would be an array of sounds and images and  ideas that Greg collected on his trip.

Whereas Greg had previously self-funded some projects close to his heart, it was thought that the Marfa project needed some budget for sound equipment in particular.  The Brothers McLeod then crowdfunded the £3,000 needed on Kickstarter

The trailer for this is so funny that it even persuaded CMC Editorial Director Greg Childs to part with some cash on Kickstarter (INCREDIBLE!)

Greg McLeod revealed crowdfunding is no easy route to instant success but because the Brothers McLeod have a really strong fan base on You Tube , Vimeo and a really strong mailing list they achieved their target – at the last moment.


Key to success was keeping things fairly simple. Not offering too many different rewards.  Otherwise managing the fulfilment become more difficult than making the film.

Check out their campaign here!

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