5 Reasons to Join UK@Kidscreen

Posted on: Wednesday 29 October 2014 3:48pm by Steve Berman

SteveBermanHeadshotSteve Berman, MD of The Composerworks, who attended his first Kidscreen in 2014 as part of the UK delegation, outlines his reasons for joining the UK@Kidscreen “mission”. Composerworks represents 10 UK composers and 1 US composer.

Kidscreen numbers enhanced2982…! That’s a rather big capacity I thought on arrival in the ballroom at the Hilton New York for my first Kidscreen Summit.

Kidscreen’s popularity has certainly been growing. It is arguably the single most important international event in the children’s television calendar. And after a tour of the venue and meeting my fellow UK delegates, I had 3 days in front of me in this vast event.

By the end of it, I had no doubt I would go again as part of the UK@Kidscreen 2015 delegation. Here are 5 reasons why:

Helps you tee-off

enhanced stand area meetingsThere’s more to be picked up at Kidscreen than anywhere else in the world about what’s coming up, what commissioners look for and what’s hot in the international market place. But you need to plan it properly to make sure you get value for money. UK@Kidscreen gives you information at the start of the event and throughout in its very own designated area at the venue.  It ensures you get the most out of the conference and market.

Opens doors

I run The Composerworks which represents composers of children’s series including ‘Wanda And The Alien’ and the new Sesame Workshop/BBC series ‘The Furchester Hotel’. As a direct result of chatting to an executive producer on the UK@Kidscreen delegation at this year’s conference, we now have a new potential opportunity for one of our clients with a broadcaster.

Feeds the Soul

There’s definitely never a dull moment at Kidscreen. I surrounded myself with as many top industry folk as I could: where else would you get to sit next to the Head of International Co-productions at Dreamworks Animation for breakfast? UK@Kidscreen organises specific sessions with leaders in the industry – exclusively for delegation members. Meeting these people genuinely left me with a feeling motivation to get back to the UK to get stuck in again!

Gives You The Ultimate VIP experience

In such a large conference you can feel alone (I travelled solo). The CMC delegation made me feel very much part of a group with lots to do in the evenings. Without it, you don’t really have a base and you could miss out on all the important events… and then they arrange their own exclusive UK Consulate experience – which this year will be a very smart “GREAT” Britain reception.

Meet Friends of Friends

One of the things I quickly learned at Kidscreen is that there is no shortage of opportunities all over the world. It’s only when you attend an event of this scale that you really discover the possibilities to forge links.  Added to that – I saw frequent examples of people on the UK@Kidscreen delegation introducing their fellow delegates to other UK and international folk – so extending the opportunities. That was another invaluable part of being part of this friendly delegation.

If you agree with Steve – you can register for UK@Kidscreen here.

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