Research Sessions 2014 – Quick Links to Content

Posted on: Friday 22 August 2014 1:46pm

Research sesion generalThe CMC 2014 Research Strand sessions – on a wide variety of topics – are available to download as PDF’s, providing all the statistics, charts and insights.  

In some cases the session presenters have written fuller articles on their content too.

They’re all listed here for easy access:

1. How early adopters find and share new entertainment
Dubit and Sherbet present on-going research that will help IP owners optimise their launch strategy with early adopters in mind.
Presented by Nicki Karet, Sherbert Research and Peter Robinson, Dubit
Read blog: Research 1
View the presentation: Research 1

2. The end of Live TV for Children?
A look at the typical user journey of children’s viewing behaviour.
Presented by Pete Maginn, Illuminas and Maddalena Piras, BBC
Read blog: Research 2
View the presentation: Research 2

3. Bad Games + Bad Children = Good Business?
In-app purchasing after the OFT guidelines.
Presented by Dr Lynn Whitaker, University of Glasgow
Read blog: Research 3
View the presentation: Research 3

4. Pink or Blue? Gender identification and gender-specific provision of content in the digital marketplace.
Presented by Gary Pope, Kids Industries
Read blog: Research 4
View the presentation: Research 4
Gary’s full session report

5. #FOMO!
Welcome to the year of ‘#FOMO, where kids consumption, engagement and interaction with media is based on the ‘fear of missing out’ philosophy. Let Discovery take you on a 30 minute tour of how different devices fit, or indeed perpetuate this philosophy within the lives of 6-15yr olds.
Presented by Alan Hathaway and Renuka Gupta, Discovery Research
Read blog: Research 5
View the presentation: Research 5

6. World of Wonder: Why Gaming Appeals to Kids
Exploring the world of children and their relationship to gaming, including the attractions of playing and winning, and the potential for benefits or hazards.
Presented by Dr Barbie Clarke and Siv Svanaes, Family Kids and Youth
Read blog: Research 6
View the presentation: Research 6

7. Transformational Technology
Understanding how technology is transforming children’s interaction with the world.
Presented by Andrew Manches, University of Edinburgh
Read blog: Research 7
View the presentation: Research 7
Andrew’s full session report

8. Growing up Digital
Tracing the ‘growth spurts’ and ‘growing pains’ of children’s digital media use over the last 10 years. 
Presented by Martina Chapman, Ofcom.
Read blog: Research 8 & 9
View the presentation: Research 8
Martina’s full session report

9. Getting on the Soapbox: Dialogue, discussion, decision
The importance of a continuous dialogue with family audiences and how building an effective audience research panel (Soapbox) can influence programming, scheduling and marketing.
Presented by Robin Hilton, ResearchBods and Alison York, Nickelodeon
Read blog: Research 8 & 9
View the presentation: Research 9

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