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Posted on: Friday 22 August 2014 2:13pm by John Lomas-Bullivant

Rights Exchange logoThe CMC Rights Exchange
Date: Friday 7 November
Venue: Two Temple Place, WC2R 3BD
Register: £150 + VAT/ £120 + VAT

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John Lomas-Bullivant, Event Producer of the CMC Rights Exchange, explains why you should sign up to the NEW children’s media rights and services event from CMC.

One-to-one meetings

CMC Rights Exchange combines a morning of curated content sessions and an afternoon of business meeting opportunities for everyone trading in Children’s Media Rights, Services and Partnerships.


You can learn from the top names across the Children’s Media Industry in the sessions we’re planning…

How Do You Turn a Classic Picture Book into a Global Brand?
Discover why and how a veteran TV producer ignored television and used a museum to light the brand touch paper on a classic picture book.

It’s All About the Rights 
If you don’t own all the rights, how do you build a 360 brand? Hear from a leading Publisher, Agent and TV Executive on ‘all rights’ ownership and whether segmenting rights helps or hinders long term brand development.

Character is King 
November 7th brings a unique ‘character’ twist to CMC’s hugely popular ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ session. Witness the birth of potential new character brands as young illustrators pitch character concepts the market has never seen before, to teams of children’s media executives, representing both Publishing and Television. Option rights will be up for grabs!  Interested in being on a team? Let us know!

Sign up today       If….

  • You sell or buy children’s TV/media rights and options
  • You represent or engage children’s TV/media writers
  • You’d like to meet new children’s Publishing partners
  • You’d like to meet new children’s TV partners
  • You’d like to meet new children’s App or Game partners
  • You’d like to be well networked across all aspects of children’s media
  • You know children’s media brands begin life in many different forms
  • You know discovering new partnerships is vital for your company’s success
  • You don’t know where the next big brand will come from
  • You know you don’t know everything and everyone  🙂

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