Conference Content Available Now

Posted on: Thursday 07 August 2014 2:24pm

CMC 2014 had over 50 sessions and workshops and even the most dedicated conference fan can’t get to them all.  

This summer, for the first time, we’ll be posting audio podcasts of nearly every session at the conference, and video of all the major Conference events – the keynotes, some of the commissioner sessions and some policy discussions. The Opening Keynote by Dylan Collins, CEO Of SuperAwesome is available now in full.

Others will be going live over the next few weeks.  Meanwhile many of the sessions already have PowerPoint presentations which can be downloaded. All this material is easily accessed from the session description pages which can be found in the sessions list.  You can also find the podcasts attached to each session’s blog report.

All the downloadable audio is hosted on our new podcast website.

Screenshot Podbean CMC

Here are some quick links to the podcasts already available:

CMC Ebulletin