Prix Jeunesse: Still a Kid at 50! – Report

Posted on: Friday 04 July 2014 2:24pm by Jayne Kirkham

The best and most innovative children’s programmes from around the world, fresh from Prix Jeunesse 2014, celebrating its 50th year!


Fifty years of Prix Jeunesse, for which we shout ‘hooray!’
So much to watch and be inspired
Too much to takeaway.

So wow. Just wow.

Session Details

Prixjeunesse. de
Tells you all you need to know,
So I sat back and nursed my head
And enjoyed the suitcase show.

David Kleeman had brought a case,
A suitcase made of gold:
And amongst his shirts and socks and pants
Were TV shows brave and bold.

From around the world the programmes came;
To inspire and to tease,
Reflecting their culture and the lives of their kids,
They entertained and pleased.

Children’s voices, their thoughts and fears,
Hopes and visions too.
Solving problems, having fun,
Diving and snails and poo.

Dads and haircuts, toothache and bears,
Beethoven and kings running up stairs,
Burka avengers, potatoes from space:
Mystery and wonder all over the place.

A suitcase of goodies, it certainly was
A suitcase made of gold,
Thanks to David and Prix Jeunesse
For celebrating the very best;
For valuing kids and their TV
(And introducing salty tea)
Here’s to the next suitcase of gold
And the stories, kids stories, still to be told.

For full details of the speakers, check out the Session Guide here. Unfortunately I can’t make that rhyme.

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