Pizza Express – Report

Posted on: Friday 04 July 2014 12:55am

Hannie Kirkham reports…

Like so many others, we were late. And to pay service to just how popular the Pizza Express night is at CMC, I was not sure where we were going to fit. However, find space we did. Slotting in where we could, our party split up and I was immediately introduced to the five people surrounding me.

Tummies were rumbling (audibly), but the conversation was positively booming. We would probably give the DJ at FUN CMC (this year’s CMC party) a run for his money.

Listening to people around, the conversation was as diverse as the company. A lot of people were talking shop. The keynote was still hot on everyone’s minds, but so were many of the day’s sessions. A couple near me were re-living the tech innovation from When Technology Meets Storytelling, and the Mini-Dragons might well be the next big thing if conversation on the other side of the table was anything to go by.

Naturally talk moves on and in and out of subjects, and gradually you start to hear more about people’s hobbies and their lives outside of the Conference. Pizza is brought out and slices passed around, wine glasses clink, conversation continues, and, whilst breaking our bread together, you realise that everyone in the room has something in common. Not necessarily the same for all, but still the connection is there. Perhaps it’s kids’ games,  or books. For some it was canoeing. And for others, simply pizza.

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