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Posted on: Friday 04 July 2014 10:44pm by Samuel Hutchinson

Take Away

  • The tone of Cartoon Network is anarchy and humour.
  • Cartoon Network has power to commission ideas in the UK, but also direct access to her global partners at Turner if there is sufficient interest.
  • New content needs to sit neatly next to our content from the Turner studios.
  • New commissions are unlikely to get high volume orders until they have been tested first with shorter runs.
  • There is a current strategy at Turner to elevate and invigorate Boomerang as a brand.
  • Boomerang is about heritage and timeless familiar brands, old school retro and remastered classics such as Top Cat, Garfield, Flintstones.
  • The channel broadcasts content that appeals to 4-7 year olds. It needs to be a safe channel for the post pre-school arena, but should also be pushing boundaries with new content.
  • Any ideas for Boomerang must have classic resonance, and can be either original ideas or a new approach to familiar brands.
  • Ultimately it’s about enjoyable viewing for families – stuff that mums and dads can watch with kids.
  • Currently the channel is working on bringing back elements of the Hanna Barbera back catalogue.
  • Cartoon Network doesn’t see Netflix as a competitor: it’s a broadcast platform for them to embrace.
  • There are no high volume commissions for new shows. Instead new Cartoon Network shows will start slowly and build number of commissions based of continuing success.
  • Cartoon Network wants pitchers that know the brand, have thought about channels and developed things for that, not people who want to sell their fully formed idea.

Session Detail

Robin Parker talked to Patricia Hidalgo from Turner Broadcasting about Cartoon Network and Boomerang in the middle segment of the Commissioner Conversation session. The takeaways above offer a flavour of what you missed if you weren’t there.

For full details of the speakers, check the Session Guide.

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