The CMC Party – Report

Posted on: Friday 04 July 2014 8:41am by Katie Simmons

PartyOnce again the lights turned down and the delegates turned up. Coming to you in the wee small hours with a packet of Quavers from the hotel vending machine in one hand, Katie Simmons reports.


  • A croaky voice
  • Some dignity (hopefully)
  • Some new friends (who were they again?)

Session Details

I’m presuming if you’ve sought out the blog to see what happened at the Party, then you ‘enjoyed yourself’ too much to remember it. So, in a system heavily inspired by Colin T. Heart’s Conference Dictionary  (Ripping off is a form of flattery, right?), I give you the vocabulary from the hoe-down in the Hubs

Best Intentions: Most were still feeling the effects of the early start after the night before, so at the start of the party it was iced water all round.

Best What Now?: Free Bar? Oh! Free bar! Beer. With a wine too please. Thanks, Oli!

Kare-Ok Then: It’s an empty room, so the perfect time to indulge in singing ‘New York New York’ to your friends.

Kare-Oh No: Oh, was that the Producer I just pitched to walking in…? “Start spreading the news…!”

Dance-On!: I love this song! Let’s dance!

Dance-Off: I love this song! But I seem to be dancing a bogle. Do I still look professional?

Memory Alco-Pop: Oh! Free bar!

So as the mirror ball spun its way round the giant curling stones of the Hubs and friends were made, rekindled and danced around, the drunken swayers and industry players gave in to the lure of the Mercure and the party moved there until the breakfast buffet was served.

See you at the CMC Party 2015!

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