Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Preview

Posted on: Thursday 03 July 2014 2:29am by Zoe Bamsey

This very popular session returns for the third year running. The idea is the same, the chair is the same, but this year there is a twist…

Four producers pitch their big ideas to four ‘dragons’.  Each of our ‘dragons’ come from all walks of life within the children’s television and interactive arena.  But do they really know what kids want?  Well, they think they do and they’ve put £1000 on the table to prove it…

The tans might be fake but the people are real. They’re real investors, it’s real cash, they’re real projects and you’ll take away real insights – with a fair bit of entertainment too.

And the twist?  You’ll have to be there to find out…

Thursday 3rd July 1.45pm, Showroom Cinema 4.  (Come early – it gets packed!)

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