International Exchange – Report

Posted on: Thursday 03 July 2014 2:41am

Hannie Kirkham reports on watching the market unfold…

International ExchangeWhen I arrived at the Millennium Gallery at 9:15 there was a lot of nattering. It was clear straight away that most people already knew each other and this was a good chance to catch up.

Then the bell rings, and Greg Childs, CMC Director, steps up to welcome everyone from far and wide, a quick joke about fire exit announcements and a sign post to everyone’s schedules. “Let the meetings commence!”

The day has been planned out for everyone. It’s a marketplace – there are buyers and sellers from all over the world and they’re about to collide. Saying that, there still seems time to chat.  Some get stuck straight into business, some continue nattering.

Looking around the room it’s plain to see how many different nationalities are represented here and the mix of meetings that many participants are achieving.

These are all private meetings but in a very open space. Eavesdropping is surprisingly difficult. The bell rings again and in true speed-dating style people bump into each other trying to move to the next table. The meetings are short and sweet, just long enough to get you interested and swap details for another, perhaps more formal meeting.

So what were the outcomes? Who’s teamed up with who, and what projects are we going to see from it?

Well, that would be telling…

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