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Posted on: Thursday 03 July 2014 9:15am by Jayne Kirkham

A drinks reception to welcome those attending CMC for the first time, with some handy hints and tips from some CMC veterans or as we like to call them, Old Timers.


CMC is a friendly conference and everyone wants you to get the most out of it, so join in and get involved. But don’t pitch in the toilet.

Session Details

First TimersSharon Miller introduced some of the people behind CMC who each gave some top tips and handy hints on getting the most out of this conference. If you have not been before or were too busy quaffing wine to listen properly, you will be wanting me to get straight to the point; time is of the essence, the first sessions start tomorrow morning at 0930 hrs.  So without further ado…

Alison Warner:

  • Use the app – it’s lovely and useful.
  • Don’t pitch and pee – people won’t appreciate being bothered in the toilets.
  • Do ask questions – this is a place to find the answers.

Helen McAleer:

  • Listen to people.
  • Talk to people.
  • Be yourself and enjoy it.

Neil Richards:

  • Don’t pitch at all.  But if you absolutely must pitch then timing is everything and pick your moments wisely.  Don’t pitch and pee.
  • Talk to everybody – this is all about extending your network.
  • Go to the keynote sessions.

Steve Wynne:

  • Do your homework – check out people’s profiles.
  • Don’t be desperate – you may be given a red sticker.
  • Close the deal: know what you want out of a conversation and get it.
  • Move with the Pizza
  • And yes do pitch and pee.  But only number 2s – you need the time.

Alex the Volunteer:

  • People in yellow tee shirts are happy to help but be nice to them. They are here to network too. Take their CMC business cards.

Conference organizer Kathy Loizou then gave a brief run through of tomorrow’s itinerary – details of which are in the conference timetable.

These handy hints and top tips were then put into practice as we all made our way to the Millennium Galleries for drinks and nibbles and perhaps, for some, a pitch and a pee.

Full details of the speakers and sponsors can be found in the session guide here.


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