Bangalore at the CMC!

Posted on: Thursday 03 July 2014 2:30am

Daily E-Bulletin Editor, Hannie Kirkham has been investigating the International Exchange and discovered new thinking about building bridges to Asia…

Biren GhoseWhilst moseying around the International Exchange on Wednesday I happened to bump into Biren Ghose.  He is Country Head for Technicolor India and President of the ABAI, an industry association which partners the Indian Government in executing animation and visual effects policy.

He’s working with Greg Childs, CMC Editorial Director, to build a strong and lasting connection between CMC and the ABAI conference in Bangalore. I asked him what makes him want to come back to and work with CMC.

Media is one of those ‘fluid’ industries! It’s liquid, always moving and always changing. Sheffield made it’s name taking the contents of melting pots and turning them into something new and solid. The CMC continues that tradition giving shape to contemporary content and platforms in children’s media.

Last year CMC impressed me. Other similar conferences are often overshadowed, being mainly a subset to an exhibition or an outlet  for big brand promotions and sponsors. CMC is none of those and has a purity about it. Its focus is on curating the best sessions, stirring an active dialogue among the delegates, even when it becomes market-focused , such as at the International Exchange, and is an amazing platform for creators, producers and distributors alike.

I came here in 2013 on the “Sheffield Express”  and I invited Greg Childs to reciprocally board the “Bangalore Express”  and he came to our conference in India last year . We have now paved the way for a partnership to build a two-way bridge for producers, creators and distributors and we are “on track” to bring CMC’s  meeting of minds and talents into Asia as well.

Biren is speaking at the Focus on Asia session on Friday 04 July 9:30am-10:30am.

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