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Posted on: Wednesday 02 July 2014 12:10am by Jayne Kirkham

I was asked to say something about ‘long-term blogging’: “Why Jayne?  Why?”

Ignoring how old that makes me feel, I will say I have two reasons:

Blogging team CMC 2010Firstly, when surrounded by friends and people that I admire, I am likely to get over excited and not listen to anything anyone is trying to say.  So I have to take notes: a diversion via the hand to the memory as things go in one ear and out the other.  I may as well write up said notes for those that can’t be there at all.  So there is no altruism at all in my doing this.  Even writing up the notes means I’ve had to think again about what I’ve heard before it’s all lost in the excitement of seeing friends and heroes in the bar.

Second reason?  Again no altruism: I may well be sent to sessions I wouldn’t have thought of going to.  That keeps me from hearing only the comfortable things I want to hear and keeps me curious and creative, which is ultimately why I come to CMC.

Well, ok then – if I’m asked to blog sessions that I would have chosen myself, then I’m guaranteed a seat!

Pure selfishness.

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