Millennium Gallery Drinks Reception – why we’re sponsoring it

Posted on: Wednesday 02 July 2014 12:28am by Karl Woolley

Everyone is invited to the Drinks Reception at the Millennium Gallery this Wednesday. It’s quite an event, and this year the drinks are on us…

As ever, Laughing Gravy is thrilled to be a part of CMC in Sheffield and proud to sponsor the Millennium Drinks Reception.

Everybody knows that CMC is now a vital part of the calendar for anyone working or wanting to work in children’s media. Its focused, relevant and broad appeal across a number of associated topics and industry trends makes for a ‘must attend’ event whether you’ve an established track record in the business or you’re just starting out.

There’s no hierarchy at CMC. It’s meant for all and it works for all. So, having a drink with everyone on the opening night of the conference always reminds me that the business we’re in is unlike any other. We’re in it together and we’ll take on its challenges together; after a quick drink and a natter.

Maybe I’ll see you there.

The reception is on Wednesday 02 July 7:15pm-8:45pm @ Millennium Gallery

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