Dylan Collins – Don Draper, Willy Wonka or the Pied Piper?

Posted on: Monday 30 June 2014 6:57pm by John Kent

Dylan Collins (@MrDylanCollins), CEO of SuperAwesome, is delivering the CMC Opening Keynote 2014

His title is intriguing – Inflection Points: Are kids the new mobile?

SuperAwesome reaches 30 million children a month, and is still growing.   A marketing platform that specifically targets children might make Dylan the Don Draper of kids to some, but his ideas on sustainable business in the rapidly changing kids’ landscape address vital industry concerns. Does the children’s media industry need commercialisation solutions created specifically with children at the very centre of their design?

However, his belief also underpins a larger view, that the entire children’s industry is at a critical inflection point. Dylan believes this new generation of children will have an even larger impact on the world than mobile and tablet has. Already we’re seeing companies like Facebook being disrupted by behaviour driven by kids and teens and reacting by acquiring companies like Whatsapp and Instagram. What’s next?

Can the children’s media industry rise to the challenge of this generational switch? Or will we simply allow events to unfold around us?

Join us for what promises to be a very entertaining and provocative keynote.

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