Whatever Happened to the Heroes? – PREVIEW

Posted on: Saturday 28 June 2014 12:25pm by Steve Smith

With a power-packed panel of execs from Disney, Turner, Nerd Corps and Hasbro, the mystical insights of researcher Nicky Goldstone, and overlording of Kidscreen’s Jeremy Dickson, Whatever Happened to the Heroes? will interrogate the current landscape of hero genre animation and how it may be changing. Session producer Steve Smith invites you to don your tea-towel cape and come to Showroom Cinema 3 on Thursday.

Your traditional cartoon heroes – the one’s with their pants on the outside – are being challenged in a winner-takes-all, head-to-head face-off, by young comic upstarts – who to their credit generally keep their pants to themselves.

We’re asking what has caused this seismic shift in hero affection amongst 6 to 9-year-olds – is it that kids want more relatable heroes? Or is humour a more progressive way of facing down your playground enemies these days? Maybe action-adventure TV shows simply can’t compete with mega-budget sci-fi features? Are 6 to 9’s routinely watching cinema epics and therefore shunning visually tamer 2D cartoons? And where does Frozen fit in to all this? Is Elsa a super hero? We ask “what’s in it for the girls?”

Perhaps it’s a lot of stuff and nonsense – the superheroes might fend off these slacker dudes after all, reboot themselves with a comic twist, or simply crush some foppish-haired skulls…

Let battle commence!

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