Mini-Dragons: Kids as Commissioners – PREVIEW

Posted on: Wednesday 25 June 2014 4:05pm by Jon Hancock

Jon Hancock has bravely volunteered to produce the Mini-Dragons to investigate how the world would look if children’s content was commissioned by, well, children.

“Out of the mouths of babes”

I’ve been to CMC for the last few years, and whilst I’ve always found it fascinating, I’ve wondered why we don’t have more (sometimes ANY) children actually involved in the conference.  I may be able to tell you why in 10 days time.

I’m a firm believer that “out of the mouths of babes” come comments that can be any or all of the following: inspired, insightful, barmy, wise, hysterical, clever.  As a father of 4 children myself, I’m also battle-weary (I used to have hair) from competing with a bunch of children who REALLY know what they want.  And in this age where my children can choose from so much content, nay create content, in ways that are practically space-age to me, I’m intrigued to explore whether children could ever be more a part of decision-making and commissioning than they are now.

I hereby promise a FUN and interesting session – we’ve got 3 great panelists with some brilliant insight and experience to share – and 3 people daft (sorry, BRAVE) enough to pitch their ideas in front of REAL life children.  Nerve-wracking stuff!

So, if you want to see grown adults flawed by the innocence of an 8yr old, and discuss whether we could ever trust ourselves enough to trust them to commission good content, then please come along!  I’ll be the one with the lack of hair and bitten nails.

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