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Posted on: Monday 23 June 2014 8:33pm by Kat Woolley

Should we be thinking beyond the book? Producer Kat Woolley previews this session which explores how publishers and developers are using digital platforms to reach young children

There is always such diversity at CMC, with brilliant workshops, panels, lunches and of course the delegates themselves. With so many delegates coming from such hugely differing areas of the children’s media industry, I wanted this session to bring a specific sector into the CMC spotlight – the publishing world. Coming from a start-up appbook developer and publisher, Box of Frogs Media, the topic of digital books is obviously a close topic.

Most of us remember reading and being read to as children (and hopefully continued reading into adulthood!). In the last few years, digital publishing has moved swiftly from e-books to children’s publishing, where there is a world of opportunity to create beautiful digital content for kids through the medium of book apps.

This shift in the publishing world is something that we as publishers, developers and gamers are happily embracing. We already know that brands use multiple media to push their product through TV, games and toys, but in Telling Tales: Paper to Pixel we discuss whether this now includes having a digital book version of your story. And ultimately, will it change how we all think of the traditional book?

Eric Huang from MeBooks is moderating the session. With a background including Penguin, Mind Candy and Parragon, he is the perfect candidate to lead such a diverse discussion. His history of both traditional and digital publishing leads us to consider what large and small publishing houses will have to take on to remain notable in the marketplace.

Speaking at Telling Tales is Stephanie Gauld and Tom Bonnick from Egmont and Nosy Crow respectively. Both companies have moved from publishing traditional, physical books to creating digital books and appbooks. Their own experience of making and withholding this transition and ultimately – whether the transition is still profitable, should spark some scintillating discussion with the other speakers; Federico and Antonio.

Federico Dini from Honig Studios in Berlin is currently busy working on their digital book project ‘Milli’ – a series of stories for children from 3-­6 years old told in picture books, interactive iPad Apps and an animated television series. Milli started as a KickStarter – this, along with Federico’s direct experience bringing a digital brand to life through many available mediums, should bring an interesting diversity to the talk.

Completing the group is Antonio Gould who produced ‘Teach your Monster to Read’, a multi-platform app for the Usborne Group. With such an established publishing house background and brand new ideas coming to fruition in a new and exciting learning environment, all of the speakers from Telling Tales: Paper to Pixel should create and compliment the discussion of the modern world of books beautifully.

I’m delighted to be producing this panel; teaching and reading to children has always been such an important part of each generation; it’s a real treat to be at the forefront of this industry change. Join us on Friday morning for an exciting look at this changing world and how we can all endeavour to make the most of this brilliant sector.

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