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Posted on: Saturday 14 June 2014 1:38pm by Greg Childs

Greg Childs, Editorial Director of CMC opens this year’s Conference blog with some thoughts on what makes it all work…

1CMC 2014 has come together as a result of the work of a huge volunteer army – the Advisory Committee guiding and shaping the conference schedule, over 40 volunteer producers from every corner of the industry, some who return every year, some new to the task (and realising just how demanding it is!) and of course our other teams such as the bloggers who will keep you in touch with every session, and our fantastic student helpers who make it all run smoothly.  We’re not only grateful to them all – we’re proud that they are part of the massive community which pulls together this big beast every year.  It wouldn’t be what it is without their input.

And then of course there are our contributors: moderators, workshop facilitators, experts and speakers – nearly 200 in total who also give of their time and expertise freely because they believe in what we believe. A problem (or solution) shared is really only another name for an opportunity to explore the insights, expertise, experience and insider knowledge we collectively carry.  CMC is still the place to learn the things you didn’t know you needed to learn (as well as few things you knew you did)!

It’s also the place to meet the people you didn’t know you needed to meet. We welcome delegates this year from audio production, the big broadcasters, independent production, publishing houses, interactive media companies, licensing and distribution businesses, the scribes – authors and screenwriters – app-makers, theatre directors, museum content-commissioners and many more.  And following the trend of the last couple of years our delegate base is also more and more international.  The International Exchange will welcome buyers, commissioners, producers and funders from a wide range of territories, who will then feed into the Conference as delegates and speakers and enrich the collective experience.

With four workshops, a new reception for the newcomers, five commissioning sessions (including one-to-one meeting opportunities with the commissioners or their teams after each) nine research insight sessions, three keynotes, and 30 sessions on the strategic landscape, creative insights, business issues and major policy-focused events, this CMC is more comprehensive than ever.  Our new emphasis on Learning@Heart will also welcome a new constituency to the Conference –  companies working in the education sector, both as commissioners and producers.  We believe that these three packed days in Sheffield are the perfect melting pot for you to seek out new creative opportunities, new business partnerships, new clients and even new audiences.

We hope you’ll jump right in and soak up the information, the networking opportunities and a good few beers, wine and, of course, Pizza.  Enjoy!

Greg Childs, CMC Editorial Director

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Greg Childs, Editorial Director – The Children’s Media Conference

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