International Exchange

Posted on: Monday 09 June 2014 12:07pm

BuyersPractical information
Date: Wednesday 2nd July 2014
Place: Millennium Gallery, Sheffield, UK
Cost: £35 + VAT

This week we are looking at three more of the buyers who will be at International Exchange.

Alexandre Henin
Youth Programs Acquisitions Executive at France Télévisions

Alexandre joined France Télévisions in May 2012 as Acquisitions Executive for children and youth programs. In his current position, he acquires shows for every channel of the network: France 3 (comedy for kids 6-10 y/o), France 4 (action, boy-oriented shows, factual, comedy), France 5 (animated shows for preschoolers) and France Ô (live action). He was previously Programming Manager at Nickelodeon and NickJr. France.

At this year’s conference, Alexandre is looking for pre-school shows with an exciting image, appealing or cute heroes and good stories (an educational slant would be an asset, but is not essential),  and kids’ comedies featuring new characters that would fit well with the channels’ existing heroes, including ‘Garfield’, ‘The Daltons’, ‘Rabbids’, etc.

Vicky Schroderus
Acquisition Executive at YLE International

Finnish language YLE TV2 is the biggest broadcaster of kids’ programs, measured by ratings and audience satisfaction, in Finland. Altogether it airs over 1200 hours of programming for kids aged 2-12 years. Their shows, including magazine show Pikku Kakkonen (aimed at 3-6 year olds) and Galaxi (for 7-12 year olds), reach between 64% and 84% of their target audiences every week.

At CMC 2014, Vicky is looking for high quality animations, between 1 and 40 minutes long, with imaginative characters and innovative stories with a humorous twist and places strong emphasis on scripts.

Chrystel Poncet
Senior Acquisitions Executive at Canal+

Chrystel has worked in Kids’ TV for 20 years, first working in PR and Marketing in the France Télévisions youth department before moving to TPS and then onto Canal+ where she now works as Senior Acquisitions Executive. With two children aged 3 and 7 years at home, she has a good idea of which programmes work for her target audiences and is especially interested in youth programmes and animation.

Chrystel believes that UK content makers are very creative in design and appreciates the specific ways in which they tell their stories and are able build big brands.

At this year’s conference she would like to strengthen relationships with the producers she is already working with and to discover new companies and talents. She is specifically looking for branded drama, documentary and poetic content for Canal+’s preschool Piwi+ channel, animated comedy series for boys and girls aged 6-12 years and animated drama for girls of the same age for their TéléTOON channel and animated comedy shows and anything with an unusual design or concept aimed at 6-12 year olds for their Canal+ Family animation block.

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