Check Out the Workshops: 2nd July 1-5pm

Posted on: Wednesday 07 May 2014 3:14pm

Main Content Inline SmallIn a regular feature we’ll bring you more detail on the plans for each of the four Wednesday Workshops at CMC.

This week….

Playful Learning
Kirsten Campbell Howes and Martha Henson of the London Educational Games Meet-up (LEGup for short) are producing a digitally-focused workshop to help you use your existing IP to create new educational apps.  Use the expertise in this workshop to create new revenue streams using your own content.

Kirsten and Martha say the workshop is designed for senior producers/editors and content specialists from TV, interactive media, publishing and educational media companies.  They will tackle the basics as well as the high-end concepts and will be assisted by some fantastic practitioner-experts:

Ben Barton – CEO & Co-Founder, Zondle
Ben has worked in educational publishing and software for the past 22 years, first at Pearson and Heinemann and then with Letts.  Ben on the education market: “Making great educational products is about working with teachers to create the products, testing the product in the market and delivering outstanding customer service.”

Chris O’Shea – Founder, Cowly Owl
Chris is an artist and designer. He uses technology to make the unimaginable come to life.  Using interaction design and the visual arts, Chris invents new approaches to explore play, human behaviour and engagement.  Chris on play: “Allow play to be open enough to allow a child to learn through experimentation; don’t punish them for being wrong or over congratulate them with ‘good job’ and sparkles for every button they press.”

Mahesh Ramachandra – Head of Product, Hopster
Mahesh has 17 years of experience in developing digital entertainment and learning products. Mahesh on product creation: “I strongly believe in product viability – making sure great ideas have a solid commercial, operational and technical platform to perform and grow.”

Phil Stuart – Co-Founder & Creative Director, Preloaded
Preloaded is a BAFTA-winning applied games studio working to improve the way people live and learn.  Over the past 14 years they have made games about drug addiction, mental health, ancient history, literacy, genetics, death and philosophy for, amongst others, the BBC, Channel 4, Wellcome, Tate, UK Parliament Education, Disney and Amplify.  Phil on what games can do: “We make games with purpose, fusing the transformational goals into the heart of the game experience.”

The Playful Learning workshop is part of the Learning@Heart content running right through CMC this year.

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