Manimation – Going Global: Case Study 2 – Cutlass Productions

Posted on: Friday 22 November 2013 6:45pm by Samuel Hutchinson

Speaker: David Curry (Cutlass Productions).

For our final session of the day, Greg Childs introduced David Curry (making an inevitable food-based joke about his surname in the process), so that he could talk us through our second case study, exploring the strategy behind his animation company Cutlass Productions.

David began by talking us through the company’s background and its work in animation, particularly the short online animated series running as a spin-off from the parody twitter account, @Queen_UK. David even treated us to a (very funny) episode screening during the session. Commissioned by Yahoo with its 1m+ following uppermost in mind, the series will run in the UK first but the greater aim is for Yahoo to begin rolling it out globally.

David then used this case study as a bridge to discuss the world of online content, which presented some pretty eye-opening stats. For instance, 100 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube per minute, which, of course, vastly exceeds the amount of video on television. David was quick to point out that the big hit for online TV won’t be coming for another 5-10 years, but it is now past the point of no return in terms of its growth…

Overall, David delivered an insight into the developing world of online content, with the polite but potent reminder that 2 things, above all else, are required if you want your project to thrive online: Deep pockets and patience. David pointed out that ANGRY BIRDS was the 52nd game made by its creators, whilst those behind MOSHI had used up most of their initial investor funding on less successful projects before throwing their last roll of the dice on a children’s online community.

The web offers opportunities to try out individual episodes, characters, comic styles – jot offers a wider audience amongst an older demographic than the children’s channels can provide, it’s more forgiving and can make hits overnight.  Funding is an issue – but the advice was: try, and try again – iterate to achieve success. And don’t just sit there! Go and start cultivating the rich!

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