Manimation Reports: Building Your Animation Business

Posted on: Thursday 07 November 2013 7:25pm

Alison Warner is responsible for developing, producing and selling new animated properties at Technicolor Digital Productions’ Animations and Games Group.

Alison focused on how collaboration is often the key to the very expensive business of animation. Technicolor is a French global company, which is nearly 100 years old.  Historically, the company focused on technical and production services with a large animation and FX business – until about 3 years ago, when it started to develop its own IP.  They started talking to creators and production companies and this led to their first project – Atomic Puppet.  The project needed to be developed and needed more resources so they collaborated with a number of other companies including Disney and a Canadian co-producing partner which has enabled them to access further funding through the Canadian system.  They hope to green light it very soon.  Though collaboration, the action based show has moved to a comedy focus and we were treated to a trailer which certainly got laughs from the assembled Manimators.

Technicolor’s role in this process is similar to that taken on by a number of large-scale production and distribution house such as Zodiak or Fremantle.

Alison concluded with an invitation from Technicolor to individuals or companies who may have an early stage idea, to contact her.  Technicolor could take it on, help develop it and prepare it for the market.  Or they can collaborate on an idea which has already been developed and come in as a co-producer.  Technicolor will look at animated projects for a variety of audience groups, techniques and genres.

Manimation is a new animation festival, created by the CMC for MIDAS, the Manchester Investment Development Agency.  It combines business development events with creative and social evenings aimed at the Manchester animation community.

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