Manimation Report: Commissioning Conversation – S4C

Posted on: Thursday 07 November 2013 8:45pm

Sioned Wyn Roberts, Content Commissioner, Children’s and Learning, S4C Wales joined the Manimation event via Skype.

She revealed that S4C is mainly involved with a number of co-productions but also interested in acquiring animation off the shelf.

Sioned spoke passionately about being involved with co-productions that benefit Wales, especially encouraging new talent in writing and post-production.  Though they try to limit the amount of animation on favour of live-action programming, budgets have become more constrained of late, so when acquiring animation they go for “big hitters” like Ninja Turtles, and Kung Fu Panda.  All their acquisitions are are dubbed into Welsh.

Sioned described the most interesting animations as ones with exciting stories, currently featuring more female characters and if education can be combined with entertainment it’s a bonus.

She revealed that currently their slate is full for the next two years – but the time was coming when early stage discussions would start again for the period after that.

Manimation is a new animation festival, created by the CMC for MIDAS, the Manchester Investment Development Agency.  It combines business development events with creative and social evenings aimed at the Manchester animation community.

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