The Shape of Comics to Come

Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 6:12pm by Milly Ali

Comics are as old as cave paintings 
Paul Gravett (Director, Comica Festival and Escape Books)

Top Ten Takeaways

  1. Digital comics make comics accessible for all children.
  2. Comics are ‘edutainment’ in a digital form.
  3. Children are able to contribute to digital content.
  4. Reading digital comics is cool for children.
  5. Real UK growth in the market for digital comics.
  6. Comics are a great way to engage the ‘reluctant reader’.
  7. Print comics are still important to its readership.
  8. Action and humour important.
  9. Digital comics want to reach a mainstream audience.
  10. Parents, don’t be snobbish about comics, your children love them.

Breaking news….. “The Dandy” digital has been cancelled. One of the longest running comics in the world failed to succeed online. It paints a gloomy picture for those who are in the digital comic market. Not so! Our panel of session speakers spoke passionately about the innovative & creative ways they are transitioning their print comics into digital formats.

The popularisation of tablets has given digital comics a chance to reach a more mainstream audience and thrive during these very testing times. Panel Nine, a publisher of digital graphic novels & digital comics recognised this. ‘The Phoenix’ is one of the UK’s newest print comics for children and Panel Nine have launched them into the digital world. Their interactive iPad version makes it accessible to children around the world. Most recently they have developed SEQUENTIAL, the forthcoming platform for the iPad which they believe to be the digital future of graphic novels and sequential art.

You can download a copy of SEQUENTIAL for your iPad here:

Dan Tucker from Medikidz demonstrated how comics were an effective parenting tool in educating children about health issues. They have an impressive 60 titles covering a range of medical information from diabetes to depression. They’re a B2B business and a more traditional publishing outfit at the beginning of their digital adventure. Already they are bursting with ideas. Developing motion comics with audio was an area they were particularly keen to explore.

It was clear to delegates that there is a future for digital comics and requires some really exciting, creative, innovative people who are passionate about wanting to expand the market of an under appreciated art form which children love!

Paul Gravett, Director, Comica Festival and Escape Books

Session Speakers:
David Blandy, Experimental Artist
Chloe Martin, Editorial Director, Panel Nine
Dan Tucker, Digital Director, Medikidz

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