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Posted on: Thursday 04 July 2013 10:05am by Niel Bushnell

Did someone say free drink?

Did someone say free drink?


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Top ten take-aways

  1. Blimey, there’s a lot of people here!
  2. You see him/her from (insert channel/production company)? Don’t barge into a private conversation. Wait till they’ve finished before you introduce yourself.
  3. How much for a pint?? Go to the cashpoint before.
  4. The first drinks are free, but later remember to ask for a receipt – this could go on expenses, right?
  5. I should really have had something to eat before I drunk this…
  6. Keep an eye on your bag. It’s busy and things can get lost.
  7. Make notes on business cards given to you so you know who it was you met when you look back over them tomorrow morning.
  8. It’s a really really good idea to stay up till four in the morning drinking with your new friends. You’ll be fine tomorrow! You’re still young enough to pull this off!
  9. I’ve always liked the number nine.
  10. I bloody love you!

This is where the fun really starts.

The room is very noisy, full of the excited chatter of a hundred overlapping conversations – my iphone app clocked the racket at 99 decibels! People are talking about projects, one or two pitches are taking place. It’s all very dynamic and exciting. The balcony is cooler and less noisy, but getting out there is a tricky feat when you have two bags and a glass of red wine. At least it’s not raining, and you can hear each other’s conversations without too much trouble. In the corner a woman is Facetiming her young children, putting on her best mother’s voice and talking about animals. It’s an odd reminder of why we’re all here, swarming over the free drink and canapés: children’s media.

The Millennium Bar event is great leveller; channel execs mingle with student volunteers, indi producers make friends with writes, bloggers drink with theatre producers. The bustling space makes approaching people almost inevitable!

So the first full day of the conference is over and people are happy, open to conversations, willing to meet new people. But in spite of the veneer of joviality there is real business happening here – conversations that will be followed up in the sober light of day, and maybe even deals done. This is where the TV shows of the future are being nurtured, where the partnerships behind the next global super-brand might be born. It’s an intoxicating place to be, or maybe that’s just the drink talking.

Of course there is tomorrow to contend with, and the late night reverie happening around me doesn’t always mix well with an early start and back-to-back meetings. But for now no one seems to be thinking about tomorrow too much, me included

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