Two screen…or not to screen

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 12:57pm by Julie Aberdein

Julie Aberdein  is producing the ‘Two Screen’ session – Thursday 2-3pm in Hub C – and asks; “Can you afford to miss it?
Two Screen is a subject that’s been discussed over the past few years in the global sphere of children’s media and on Thursday 2-3pm in Hub C  we’ll try to get some answers with our esteemed panel all who are at the cutting edge of children’s second screen both technically and editorially.
Come listen to the wisdom of  Marc Goodchild, who is partner in a second-screen authoring company called SyncScreen, that is developing tools to help creatives devise (and test) genuinely engaging second-screen activities for children;  Jennifer Wilson (who has come all the way from Sydney Australia)  is a Director of The Project Factory , a producer of creative transmedia projects across web, mobile, social media, games and virtual worlds.   Alongside them is Donnie Kerrigan founder and MD of Chunk – champion and maker of interactive entertainment and Angharad Garlick – Head of Boom Kids – who created (alongside Cube interactive) for S4C the first children’s second screen playalong game ‘Y Lifft’. This distinguished panel will be chaired by Shelia De Courcy who is Cross divisional head of children’s content at RTE.
Shelia will be probing the panel with questions such as – Why are there so few children’s second screen applications available?  And given their stage of development  should we be even considering second screen for youngsters ?  Could it hinder their psychological and physiological development? Or, with the expansion in digital media, are we being neglectful by not introducing them to second screen at the youngest age? ;
Second Screen apps cost a lot to develop. Who should fund the development of successful ideas?  Is there money to be made?   And how do we create a second screen experience and reach the children and engage them in second screen activity?
All these questions, demos and user testing – all taking place on Thursday 2-3 in Hub C.
Can you afford to miss it?


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