Is Children’s Reading a Casualty of Modern Life?

Posted on: Wednesday 03 July 2013 6:45pm

Is Children’s Reading a Casualty of Modern Life?

Session time: 11.30am – 12pm Thursday and Friday

Venue: Research Sessions – Cinema room 1

SPA Future Thinking and children’s publisher, Egmont UK, present ‘Reading Street,’ Egmont’s on-going study into children’s reading for pleasure in the context of family life.

Since summer 2012, we’ve been following 12 families across the country, to understand what is really going on in children’s reading, as well as uncovering opportunities to inspire children to read in new ways.

In an increasingly busy world, it’s tempting to want to point the finger at one single thing when we read headlines and statistics that say that reading for pleasure is in decline – whether that’s time poor parents, target driven schooling or the rise of screen time.

This is an evolving and complex picture and since summer 2012 we have been following 12 families across the country with a mix of lower and higher engagement reading levels differing levels of digital connectivity.

We’ve found that the desire to read has not diminished, but we question whether reading has lost its magic and become simply one more thing to tick off the to-do list.  Find out at this session how:

  • Engagement needs to be re-defined. It’s not about the number of books read, but the experience and how they engage
  • Parenting has changed – reading has become another thing to tick off the list
  • Reading for pleasure – parents wish they had more time for reading with their children
  • For parents – reading is about getting ahead
  • For schools – When reading becomes about learning and skills, reading for pleasure isn’t valued or seen as enough
  • There is still a book out there for every child!