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This was a useful session for companies seeking funding through co- productions, with a special focus on countries further afield than Europe, e.g. Brazil, Australia and Asia.

Always interesting to discover more about funding. The real desire is to bring more content into the UK.
David Elden, Head of Production, Collingwood & Co

Great to find out more details especially about Pinewood Iskandar Malasysia Studios
Helen McAleer, Chief Global Development Officer, Walker Books Group

A comprehensive overview of international investment opportunities.
Finn Arnesen, SVP, Hasbro Studios

Very interesting to hear in detail about financing within Asia. Often we hear about opportunities within Europe but this was global.
Nicolas Fouiller, I Can Fly.

Top Ten Takeaways

1) Ancine (Agéncia Nacional do Cinema, Brazil) have a substantial pot to invest in co-production, £32 million. Brazilliant!
2) There are many sources of funding in Asia and 3 main ways to go: Co-production / Channels / Facilities. Co-production is best when production is expensive but it’s cheap in Asia. There’s many government investments to encourage facilities especially.
3) Singapore is the easiest introduction into Asia… (45% get entertainment through downloads compared to 11% in UK.) Check out StarHub and Toggle – which enable you to watch tv anywhere – even in the car. So there’s a lot of money and a lot of channels.
4) Media Development Authority (MDA) offer a lot of schemes (many of which require link up to a local producer) … check out the website.
5) Austalia is a great place to shoot, once you know the ins and outs of the treaties. There’s traditional 50/50 co-production on offer and seeing as UK and Oz are similar cultures there’s similar editorial understanding. A lot of American companies use the Ozzie studios (Lion Witch and Ward). (Why would you Wallaby anywhere else?).
6) In Malaysia it seems that mosquitoes are the only things that bite, (and they do bite). It’s the best in terms of speaking English in all of South West Asia and is a very young country (30% is under 15 compared to 17% in UK). The government is committed to media growth so there’s a lot of incentives, e.g. 30% rebate on audited spend in the country by Malaysia (not tax, spend) and no need to use a Malaysian based production company. So is Malaysia the place for you?
7) The impressive Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios Media City has opened in Malaysia, with a true Hollywood style promo vid.
8) The Malaysian Government has determined to drive forward the industry. So various incentives include: Allow no restriction of employment: freedom of ownership, 100% tax exception up to 10 years, etc…
9) Mac3 fund – develops co-production with Malaysian companies. It funds 3 type of project: Development / Production / Co-production.
10) For detailed info on the Mac3Fund visit:

And one last interesting bit of info… Did you know that Malaysia is seen as leader in animation throughout South East Asia

Some comments from the delegates;

Adam Selly, Founder, Union Media

Vera Zaverucha – Agéncia Nacional do Cinema, Brazil
Richard Langridge – Lecutrer and Consultant, Sydney and Asia
Desmond Ngai, Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia


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