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Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2013 9:22am by Katie Simmons

Still deciding which sessions to attend. Katie Simmons, producer of ‘Live Action – Global Attraction’ explains why you should be there…..
Thursday 4th July, 5-6pm, HubsC is the place to be for this year’s most interesting session debate. (If you’re into discussing how live action can sell in a global market that is….)
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This session is shaping up to be an important discussion. How can live action be profitable in the global market? Why does animation do so much better? What are the secrets to live action global successes? How could we benefit from opening ourselves up to global partners?
The session contributors have varied experience in the global market. Skyping in, we have Mellie Buse, owner of a small production company Adastra whose content is seen all over the world. Mel Stokes from Kindle will be sharing her nuggets of knowledge and Tony Reed from CBeebies gives us an in-house point of view. Also on the panel is Jenny Buckland, CEO of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, whose programmes show in over 100 countries over the world, (Remember Round the Twist?!)
But one of the best bits about this session is watching how some of our shows look in other countries. Look out for Dutch Teletubbies, Italian Ha Ha Hairies… And there might even be a prize for the person who can identify the languages shown!
See you there!

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