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Posted on: Tuesday 02 July 2013 10:27am by Samuel Hutchinson


The CMC Blogging team are at work already.  They’ve been introducing themselves,   and will blog every session at CMC. So you don’t need to miss out when forced to make those agonising choices.

One of the team is Samuel Hutchinson.

Sam H

Well, well, well… here comes my brief, succinct and, most importantly of all, short introduction to ME  ahead of my official start as a Blogger for the 2013 Children’s Media Conference! Currently, I am working as a Script Reader for the BBC (Continuing Drama), and Development Executive for film company, Silver Leaf Pictures.

I’m also a Script Writer/Editor for We Move Pictures, Writer/Producer of comedy panel show, “A Little Bit Racey” for Hope FM, and Producer of “Man Feelings, a sketch double-act performing at the 2013 Manchester and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. Phew! So, I guess I mostly like scripts. As much as it’s possible to actually “like” scripts anyway… I have found being in development positions particularly helpful and educational, learning various processes of how a script reaches the screen (or indeed the stage or radio). This is interesting both in looking at prospective new writers for established shows, or in developing a specific script with a writer for a new film. Although I am already working in this area of the industry, establishing myself further in Script Development and Script Editing are my immediate goals in the future.

However, the most rewarding experience of all, perhaps selfishly, is when the piece coming to fruition at the end of the process is your own. I have seldom experienced this, at 22 I still only hold a couple of professional writing credits, but this is still enough for me to know this is an experience I want to continue… well, experiencing. Most of these credits have been in comedy, and this is why the “Top Ten Tips to Make ‘Em Laugh” session is high on my shopping list for the conference.

In fact, the only reason I am mentioning it here is so the powers that be might read this thinly-veiled plea and place it upon my schedule of sessions to cover (I’m sneaky like that). Comedy is fiendishly difficult to nail, and perhaps even more difficult with children, as they don’t care who the writer is. They will not lie to satisfy anyone’s ego, as they have no idea who the creator is! They’ll simply tell you what they think, or it will be easy to tell by their honest reaction. I’m sure that the guidance provided by Steph Gauld, talking Egmont’s new digital comedy “Jelly Pie”, and Connal Orton, Producer of “4 O’Clock Club, will aid and focus both myself and any other attendees aspiring to children’s comedy.

I’m going to wrap soon, at the risk of going back on my promise to be brief, succinct and short, and it seems appropriate to finish up on why I wanted to blog for the conference in the first place (even though I was actually randomly allocated!). I have been a Script Reader for a long time, and this is an exercise, funnily enough, in being succinct. Summarising, assessing and dissecting (for want of a better word) a script for the purpose of a report is a tough job, breaking it down and presenting the key points with which a verdict on the script shall be reached, normally by someone who has not read it themselves and is trusting you. The job of the bloggers over the course of the conference is to be similarly as helpful and succinct to those who have not attended certain sessions. I feel, therefore, as if I am in a good position to be able to summarise and dissect (for want of a better word) a session for the purpose of a blog, breaking it down and presenting the key points so that someone who has not attended it can still make a verdict of their own. The conference is a great resource, and it’s in place for everyone involved or wanting to be involved in children’s media. It’s a shame that everyone cannot attend every session, but I would love to be a part of helping the content of those sessions reach attendees who could not make them, effectively and, most importantly of all, succinctly. And briefly. And shor-

You get the idea.


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