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Posted on: Monday 01 July 2013 12:13pm by Alexander Bar


Alexander Bar invites you to “Polish and Pitch” at the  workshop on Wednesday 4th July (1pm – 5pm) @ The Electric Works.

Alexander Bar

“Eureka!!… You’ve just had a great idea for a show!  Well, at least you and your best friend thinks it’s great!  And he’s hardly ever wrong about tricky stuff like, uh … plumbing.  I mean, how hard can it be to build a global kids’ brand, right?

Well, as it happens, it’s even trickier than plumbing at times!  So how do you really know if your idea is any good?   And how do you tell the world about it?

These are just some of the Big Questions we’ll be looking at in this lively, hands-on workshop, suitable for writers, animators, producers, plumbers and budding creators of all levels of experience working on concepts for all age ranges (toddlers to teens).

Between myself and my esteemed panel of industry experts (consisting of Christopher Skala, Dominic Gardiner, David Hallam and Christina Fiurama) we’ll be bringing many hundreds of years of combined – mostly sober – experience to bear on the session and giving you the kind of take-away gems and insights that you might only otherwise see in those indiscrete emails you sometimes get sent by mistake!

Polish and Pitch will offer valuable first hand insights to help you assess and craft your ideas, navigate the many perils of the pitching process and identify strategies to find the right partners for your project and secure that all elusive green light!  Yes, it all sounds terribly grown-up, but it will also be fun!

In a ‘before-and-after’ Pitch Process, a handful of volunteers have been selected to pitch their own ideas for constructive appraisal of presentation and content.  Participants will then work on these projects and undergo pitch training with myself and our development experts, before re-pitching in a new and improved way!

This workshop is about providing a friendly and fun atmosphere in which to hone the skills and techniques that will help make your projects, and how you present them, better.  You can of course attend without a project and join one of the development groups to experience advice and guidance by participating in the group and observing the pitch process.

So don’t be shy: come join us and see what trade secrets you could be applying to your ‘eureka moment’ very soon!

Alexander Bar (workshop Host and creator ‘Mike the Knight’, ‘Lunar Jim’)


Alexander Bar, Content Creator & Creative Producer – Freelance

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